Influencers Opportunity

Hey there Influencers,

We've got an exciting proposition for you! 🌟 Here are the terms and conditions for our collaboration:

1. You've gotta have a minimum of 5000 Influencers under your wing. We're looking for those with some serious reach!

2. Within 30 days of receiving our product, we'd love for you to create a killer Post and Reel for us. Make sure to tag us and direct your awesome followers to our Insta handle or website. Let's spread the love!

3. This collaboration is all about the barter system. We'll provide you with our amazing product for free in exchange for your awesome content creation skills.

4. We'd also love your permission to promote your fantastic post/reel in our advertisements. Let's showcase your talent to the world!

5. Just to clarify, there won't be any monetary benefits involved in this partnership. It's all about the love for what we do!

6. Before we seal the deal, we'll need a few details from you, like your Insta engagement stats, address, and a copy of your ID. It's all about trust and transparency!

7. As a bonus, we're happy to create an additional 10% discount coupon in your name on our website. We'll make sure to shout out about your awesomeness too!

8. And last but not least, we've got a soft spot for influencers who also run a Blog on Indian Wear. Bonus points for versatility!

Excited to potentially work with you all! Let's create some magic together. ✨